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Our Statement

Breeding our dogs foremost for temperament, health, and versatility while striving for the overall betterment of breed.   Our program focuses on a combination of working line to show line - creating dogs with exceptional family temperaments, sound health, beautiful conformation, and versatile working ability.

Standing apart, Hartspride does not dock the tails of any of our puppies.  Believing that our dogs were created with their tails for a purpose and to amputate them for physical appearance is unnecessary cruelty.

Defining ultimate breed versatility, Hartspride focuses on taking each dog to its peakless greatness.  Our dogs are trained and used for a variety of working sport fields.   

Valuing life, Hartspride holds worth in mix breed and unregistered animals.  We stand by this value with nearly double the number of rescue animals on our acreage to purebred.  Any animal that enters our family is kept until death.  We do not destroy, give away, or sell an animal that is difficult or that has out lived its working or breeding life.  Animals that are certain to never be bred are spayed or neutered and kept as companions or working sport animals.

Our Statement: About
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