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Breeding Rights

Contracts on puppies with exclusive or co-owned full registration may differ on case by case basis but will include: *

- no incompatible merle to merle breeding if puppy is a merle

- no natural bobtail to natural bobtail breeding if the puppy is a natural bobtail

- if the puppy is an adverse gene carrier, it will not be bred with a corresponding adverse gene carrier

- the puppy will only be bred with a OFA hip certification of excellent, good, or fair and/or PennHip rating of 0.30 or less

- the puppy will only be bred with a OFA elbow certification of normal

- the puppy will only be bred with a OFA clearance of inheritable eye defects

 - any dog that is bred to this puppy must also meet the above requirements for hips, elbows, and eyes

- any offspring out of our puppy must have its/their tail(s) and dew claw(s) left natural

We hold breeders of our puppies to the same standards by which we hold ourselves.  Breeding rights will not be released until the puppy's proof of DNA testing (if not clear by parentage) and OFA certifications and/or PennHip ratings are provided.

Exclusive and co-ownership(s) are independant and separate from limited and full registration.

Prices for full registration are typically double the price of limited registeration.  

* For full contractual terms on your individual puppy purchased with full or co-owned breeding rights, please email

We reserve the right to not sell a dog at our own discretion, at any point in time and for any reason.

Breeding Rights: Text
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