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Hartspride Rescues: Adoption

Rescue Dogs



SPCA rescue, Tundra is an Alaskan Husky that was found starving with literally all of his bones showing through his skin.  As an adult dog he had not been house broken or leash trained, was terrified of cars, did not know what toys were for, and was very food aggressive.

Tundra is great with kids, dogs, and cats, incredibly energetic with literally endless stamina, he loves to run and so far we have clocked him running free at 27 mph.  

Located in SK, Canada with his forever family.

Hartspride Rescues: Males

Rescue Cats




Farm rescue, Clover was born in a litter of 4 unwanted kittens that was in danger of being drowned.  She and her 3 siblings were all rescued so I named her my four leaf clover.

Clover is our alpha female, we affectionately call her the boss cat because she keeps all of the other cats in line.  She does not seek out attention but enjoys being in the presence of humans and will show concern for a sick or injured human or animal.  




SPCA rescue, Kiarea had a very rough start to life, passing through 4 homes in her first year of life and spending most of it in a cage that stunted her muscle growth.  

Kiarea stands apart in that she is an orange female and she never stops purring.  The most affectionate cat you will ever meet, very loving and gentle, she just wants to be loved.




From the minute they were born, Spot has completely captivated us. Their big eyes and sunny personality are an unbeatable combination and they are sure to bring lots of joy to their new forever family.

Hartspride Rescues: Females




Abandoned, Fury rode one of our trucks into our heated garage in -50 Celsius.  She was wild, starving, and covered in engine grease.

Fury is still semi wild, named after Toothless the Night Fury dragon, because of her shy and illusive personality.  She likes hidden places and is very attached and protective of her sister rescue Pepper.  When she is upset she puffs air like a dragon would blow fire instead of hissing.




Abandoned, Pepper was taken out of - 50 Celsius the same day as Fury only Pepper was found in town.  She was very sick, so much so that she could barely stand and her eyes and nose were draining continuously.

Pepper is a little firecracker, she is extremely affectionate and doesn't let her tiny size stop her from anything.  Very bonded to Fury, they are never one without the other.

Hartspride Rescues: Females




SPCA rescue, we adopted Safari as a kitten at the same time as Venom from our local SPCA.  Her pregnant mother was surrendered and Safari and her siblings were born at the SPCA.

Safari is a wild ride and a Prism 2.0.  She has a very unique section of coloring that looks like giraffe markings on one hip.  Loves to ride on my shoulders and to get into absolutely anything and everything. 


Venom couch.png


SPCA rescue, we adopted Vemon as a teenage cat at the same time as Safari from our local SPCA.  I later found him on a lost/found group on Facebook while searching for Kiarea.  He was originally found living off of garbage behind the Pizza Hut resturant in town.  

Venom was named after the comic antihero because of the unique black and white markings on the back of his shoulders and neck.   His personality is extemely laid back and docile, litterally a cat that you can do anything to.  He has a beautiful feather duster tail and loves chicken so much that he will steal it right out of the dogs' mouths.

Hartspride Rescues: Females




Siren came to our neighbor's property in very poor condition, pregnant, and looking for help.  She was extremely feral but made a break for the house and snuck in while the door was open.   She went into labour a few hours later and is now my very bonded 1 person cat.




I found Simba as a barely weaned kitten on a desolate stretch of highway.  I watched a car drive over top of him and not even stop or slow down.  Luckily the tires missed him and he was only knocked down and uninjured.  I brought him home in my jacket.  Simba has the name of a lion but the heart of a lamb.



August 29, 2023

Twix is Siren's daughter, out of our candy bar theme litter of kittens.  I birthed her and rasied her.  Twix is our parkour champion, she is very bonded with the dogs, especially Indigo.   She will sneak in Indigo's bed to sleep with her.

Hartspride Rescues: Females
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