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Available Studs

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Available for stud to approved females.  We offer live cover, chilled, or frozen.



Echo is our show stopper, a beautiful red factored blue merle with a full white collar and copper points, 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye.  He is our quietest dog, alpha male, protective, very sound, good with kids and cats, loves stuffies and collieball.  Trained in advanced obedience, dog sledding, and collieball herding.​

Bloodlines are out of 1 of 3 of the founding sires of the breed and 3/4 champion show, including Fair Oaks, Briarbrooks, Risingstars, Shoreland, and Thornapple.  Echo is out of the same bloodlines as my past sled team.

Independently owned; located in SK, Canada

ASCA, AKC, CKC, ASDR registered, UKC eligible;

imported from USA

Height:  23 in  Weight:  65 lbs

- ASCA and AKC DNA profile

- Embark DNA clear panel except 1 copy DM 

- OFA certified hips good, elbows normal, eyes normal

**  Sealed certifications and pedigrees available upon request  **


chaos main1.jpg

Chaos is a red factored black tri with vibrant copper points, and 2 brown eyes.  He is our toughest dog, gentle, protective, very sound, good with kids and cats, and loves water.    Herding instincts are definitely there and so is the intelligence not to needlessly worry livestock.  He has stood his ground against a cow moose near our driveway but did not needlessly chase her or allow himself to get within striking range.  Trained in obedience, search and rescue style agility, and dog sledding.​

Bloodlines are out of 3/4 champion show, including Three Oaks, Briarbrooks, Sunshine, Shoreland, and Thornapple.  

Independently owned; located in ON, Canada

ASCA, AKC, and CKC registered, UKC pending, and ADSR eligible;

imported from USA

Height:  20 in  Weight:  50 lbs

- ASCA and AKC DNA profile

- Embark DNA clear panel

- OFA certified hips good, elbows normal, eyes normal w/ breeder options noted 

**  Sealed certifications and pedigrees available upon request  **

Studs: Males
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