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Reserve deposit is $500 CAD none-refundable and picks are in order of deposits.  If your puppy should become sick or pass away in our care your deposit will be fully refunded.  The deposit is otherwise none refundable.  If you would prefur a different puppy, you can move your deposit once to another currently available puppy or future litter.  The remainder of the purchase price and delivery fee, if applicable, is due upon transfer of ownership of your puppy.  


Hartspride offers shipping by our own private vehicles with our G1 Gunner crash kennels transported inside our truck as well as by air as carry on, we do not air ship our dogs as cargo at this time.

We try to maintain as much flexibility as possible to ensure that shipping stays affordable for the new owners and safer for the puppies.  We prefer to ship by vehicle as no one will have your puppy's well-being at heart as much as our family and yours.  In addition to being less overall stress on the puppy, vehicle shipping also allows you to take your puppy home at an earlier age, creates the opportunity for our family to meet yours, and for your family to meet the puppy's parents. 

Shipping costs are determined on a case by case basis.  Air shipping will include the cost of human and puppy air fare.  Vehicle shipping is dependent upon distance and how many buyers are having their puppies shipped via the same route. 

Please note that effective August 1, 2024 all dogs must be 6 months of age or older, current on rabies vaccinations, and must have required importation documentation in order to enter the United States. 

We reserve the right to refuse/delay shipping a puppy due to any reason that we feel may endanger its safety.

For testimonials and crash test videos of the G1 kennel by Gunner, please click the links below.

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