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Hartspride Uses and Recommends

Hartspride has had the oppertunity to partner with several businesses to provide our puppies with an additional boost when they go to their new homes.  These partnerships are primarily to provide our buyers availability to products that we use for our puppies.  Each product has a story behind our personal experiences and why we recommend them.

TLC Pet Food

TLC pet food is a family company that is North American based.  The products usein their dry food do not contain any wheat, corn, soy, or coloring and to my knowledge they have never had a recall.   

We feed our animals a wide variety of raw and natural human grade foods.  However, when we had a dog recovering from the detrimental intestinal damages of parvo, the only kind of kibble that he was able to eat without complications was TLC dog food.  We also have a cat that experienced very dry skin and would pull her fur out when she was being fed commerical quality pet foods.

Hartspride provides all of our puppies with a complimentary TLC puppy packet (based on availability) and puppy food for transitioning. 

If you would like to order TLC pet food the link provided below will give you a discount on your order.

Nzymes Supplements

Nzymes is a small North American based company that produces natural nutritional products to assist in the healing of a wide variety of health concerns.​

I originally purchased Nzymes for Misty, a little blue Aussie that was having trauma seizures from when she had been struck in the head while herding horses.  Misty was 13 years old when I began giving her Nzymes.  She went from having 1 - 3 seizures a day and being mildly arthritic to only having 2 seizures and regaining mobility in the year that followed.

Hartspride is a Canadian distributer for Nzymes and upon request will provide complimentary Nzyme antioxidant treats, shampoo, and granule samples (based on availability) with the sale of each puppy.

Wholistic Pet Organics

Wholistic Pet Organics is a supplier of a wide variety of clean natural suppliments (no artifical ingredients, fillers, GMO, BPA-BPS, or animal testing). 

We suppliment our dogs ester-C powder for structural development and immune system support.  Dogs naturally produce their own vitamin C.  However, this natural production is often severely reduced if the dog is sick and/or under stress.  Vitamin C comes in three primary natural forms with ester-C being the most readily absorbable and least difficult on the dog's digestive system.  We also highly recommend wild salmon oil for healthy sink and coats.

Upon request, Hartspride will provide a complimentary sample of ester-C powder (based on availability) with the sale of each puppy.

Please contact us for a refurral discount if you would like to try Wholistic Pet Organics products for your animals. 

Gunner Crash Kennels

Gunner produces some of the market's safest crash kennels for protecting pets in car accidents.  I personally have been in a truck rollover with a dog and my Gunner kennel that was in the truck at the time was undamaged.

Hartspride is partnered with Gunner Kennels.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion will cover up to 90% of applicable pet insurance claims with no payout limit.

Hartspride provides all of our puppies with complimentary 30 days of free pet insurance through Trupanion.

Calmeroos Stuffies 

Calmeroos produces several variations of super soft puppy and kitten stuffies with the option of a heatbeat and/or heating or cooling pad.   They also donate 2 lbs of food or the financial equivalent of 2 pounds of food directly to shelters and rescue organizations across Canada and the US for every stuffie sold.

We purchased our first calmeroos stuffie for Tequila, our singleton puppy that was born 4 days premature during a vet emergency delivery.  Before the stuffie Tequila would cry constantly while Onyx (the dam) went anywhere.  Once we purchased the stuffie Tequlia would seek out the gentle heartbeat and sleep cuddling the toy and keeping warm with the little heating pads.

Hartspride, at request, will provide a Calmeroos stuffie (based on availability) with the sale of each puppy.

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