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January 8, 2021

Bringing Daisy into our family has been truly life changing, for the better!

She’s very smart so she’s been easy to train, even though she’s our first dog. She has a very mellow personality, so leaving her alone while we’re at work has gone well, she’s never become destructive. True to her breed she has lots of energy!! She’s been a great companion for hiking and swimming. She’s also a very social dog so she loves going to the dog park, she loves playing with other dogs even more than fetch!  Because of this we are considering getting another puppy and we would only go with Hartspride, the temperament of their dogs is unparalleled. Plus they’re beautiful and loyal and a great companion. 

The process of getting a puppy was a really positive one. We received almost daily updates on how Daisy and her littermates were doing. They even sent me a picture of Daisy and both her parents after I requested one, which all things considered was just another example of how they go above and beyond. They always had time to answer questions whether it was through text, email, or phone call.  Arranging bringing Daisy home was effortless even though we’re 2 provinces away!

If anyone is looking for an Aussie Shepherd I highly recommend Hartspride!


March 19, 2021

We couldn't be happier with Archie, we feel like we hit the jackpot.

Right from 8 weeks old, Archie has been a calm, friendly, and confident dog without showing a shred of aggression and he seems to have a special "doggie gift" for befriending and calming other dogs.  His temperament is bulletproof so far at 10 months old.  

Archie's mom, Phoenix, obviously did a great job raising her first litter and Hartspride has been great to deal with, providing tons of information and consistently checking in with us after we brought him home.



March 24, 2021

For us, our decision to take the plunge into the world of owning a dog was a big decision to make.  We spent a lot of time researching different breeders to find the right one.  It was imperative to us that we were supporting the right breeders that truly cared for the pups they helped bring into this world.

We originally reached out to Hartspride and were told they did not have any more pups available.  No matter where we looked we kept going back to Hartspride, hoping a pup may become available, and even considering holding off until their next litter.  Unfortunately we did put a deposit on a pup from somewhere else, but after giving our deposit we really didn’t feel good about it.  We were not receiving updates as we had hoped, answers to our questions were not satisfied and our gut told us - this was not what we intended.

As fate would have it, Hartspride reached out to us and informed us that someone was giving up their spot and “Red Collar” aka Remi could be our new pup.  They spent about an hour on the phone with me answering and explaining in detail every question I could imagine plus more that I didn’t even think to ask. From that point we knew this was right for us.  We dropped everything and made the long haul drive to pick up Remi the very next week.  Through out this time Hartspride was in constant contact with me to answer any questions we had, or ensure we had everything we needed to bring Remi home.  It was clear on picking Remi up, Hartspride truly cared about each and every one of their pups. 

Remi is rambunctious, full of energy, calm, attentive, gentle, and the purest of temperaments.  He has never been destructive or aggressive, although he’s happy to sneak a snack off the counter (that’s an owner/trainer problem if you ask me... we are working on it). We have two kids and nieces and nephews and Remi is so good with them all.  Remi enjoys racing around outdoors, playing with friends and fetching a ball.  He is happy to laze around or head out for some exercise! To this day they still check in to see how Remi is doing.  We couldn’t be happier with the addition to our family! 



August 12, 2021

I was looking for an amazing dog and I found a dog and also an amazing breeder.  Hartspride is extremely generous with their time to help and answer questions.  I made the right choice to trust her and I love my small monster, Charlie.



August 27, 2021

We could not be more happy and grateful for having come across Hartspride Australian Shepherds! Our family did a lot of research on the breed and available breeders across Canada and we are beyond pleased with the temperament of Kona! From the beginning Hartspride has been incredibly informative and engaged, it is clear that she is very passionate and cares greatly for this breed and her dogs. There was never a moment we had any doubt in purchasing one of her puppies and we are already talking about possibly adding a second Hartspride Aussie to our family.  Kona is very cuddly, loving and incredibly smart.  She has been wonderful with our children and other dogs.  We highly recommend Hartspride puppies to anyone who wants to add one of these beautiful intelligent loving dogs to their family!



September 27, 2021

We were looking for a breeder who loved dogs, was concerned for the puppies' well-being, knowledgeable about dogs, knew who was breeding with their puppies, and what homes they went to.

After searching for months, we found Hartspride Australian Shepherds. We were not fixed on any
breed but after talking with her, hearing the process she goes through, and the concerns she has
for the well-being and longevity of the dogs, I knew Hartspride Australian Shepherd puppies would be

Kylo is four months old and is adored by all who meet him. He is very intelligent and keen to learn and
work with whoever is leading him. He is eager to please those around him, likes to cuddle, and wants to
hang out with us. He is friendly with our cat - who is patient with Kylo - he gets used to most other dogs
quickly, and is always alert and ready to go. His energy levels are ideally suited to anyone ok with being
active regularly.

We look forward to adding to our family with another Hartspride puppy in the future, but for now, we
are training Kylo to use his talents for good. We are working with Kylo to train him in the multiple
aspects of searching for lost people. Kylo loves to follow his nose and plays scenting games with
eagerness. He catches on quickly and is already showing an aptitude at identifying human objects while
playing in the woods. I'm confident that Kylo will be able to track and identify avalanche burials with
continued work and training.

Thank you, Hartspride, for taking such care and respect of your animals and sharing them with others.

Kylo Ren

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