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Australian Shepherd Genetic Study

Hartspride applied and was selected to partake in genetic study for Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds.  The study will be of 100 dogs and will include 5 of our Hartspride Aussies with USA, Canadian, and European bloodlines.

Testing will hope to discover/eliminate genes for genetically contributed cataracts and/or neurological disorders.

We will be providing our previously obtained DNA results and will additionally allow our dogs to be further DNA tested for new infromation. 

Hartspride Aussies are DNA tested within our breeding practice standards for 1 or multiple of the following:

- Embark DNA panel / purebred verification

- ASCA Pawprint Genetics breed profile 

- AKC breed profile

- Pawprint Genetics M Locus merle length (merles only - pls note results are currently pending)

Genetic Study: About
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